About Us

Our yoga teacher

Victoria Balentine is our shepherdess and yoga teacher. She herds goats, makes cheese and runs the farmstead. Back in the day she had a yoga studio in manhattan and now she is overjoyed to roll three of her passions: yoga, mindfulness and goats into one fabulous offering… Goat Yoga.  Victoria Balentine has also been a board certified acupuncturist and herbalist for over twenty years. For more information about her practice click here.

About the farm

Shady Farm is a totally organic homestead located just outside the town of Woodstock in the little hamlet of Shady. We make artisanal cheese from our happy healthy herd of goats and have laying hens. Our goal is to grow as much of our food as we can and source the rest locally as much as possible. At Shady Farm we are practicing low impact regenerative agriculture and compassionate animal husbandry.

About the goats

Our herd is comprised of Nigerian dwarf goats. They are a smaller breed with incredibly delicious milk that makes fantastic cheese. The Goat Yoga babies we have for classes are full of bouncy fun and love to play with each other and humans. They are a source of endless entertainment, joy and inspiration.